24% of Germans had used QR Codes

POSTED BY on May 4 under Mobile & Web News, QR Codes

SKOPOS, a market research firm, found in an online study that 24% of Germans recognize and had used QR Codes to get information without typing a web address.

Still, QR Codes are not used very frequently with only 4% of Germans using them on a regular basis.

Other study by 3GVision, shows that Germany is in second place for QR Code usage globally, right after the United States.

The 3GVision’s research also shows Canada in third and UK in forth place.

SKOPOS found that the UK usage of QR Codes is just 12%, 74% of the users said that was not a good experience and other 24% said it was poor experience.

As the Germans are much more culturally into mobile technologies and mobile web, the UK loves social medias and are more open into sharing unlike Germans.

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