QR Code Tracking

AzonMobile‘s Basic Tracking package is available for FREE – both for personal and commercial use! To get it and start tracking immediately you just need to REGISTER – you can also do it with your Facebook or Twitter profile.

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If you need to track more than 10 QR codes or you need some extra features please look at the Tracking Packages we offer.

QR Code Tracking Features

QR Code Generator Comprehensive Generator
Bored of the square shape? Our QR Code Generator is one of the very few that offers a variety of shapes! You can customize the color or even use an image for the background and the foreground!
Raster, Vector and Raw formats available Many formats supported
If you need the QR code for web you can get it in any of Raster formats (PNG, TPG & GIF) or if you are going to the print house you can download it in Vector format (PDF, EPS & SVG). Or maybe you need the QR code as a raw input for another software – then you can download it in a machine readable ASCII format!
Many statistics available Loads of data available
Data about the customer device model, make, browser, browser version, OS & OS version alongside with carrier data, country & city location are provided.
Campaigns Comparison Campaign comparison
You can compare the statistics of individual codes and aggregated statistics for whole campaigns.
Custom graphs Custom Graphs
Ever wondered the clients of which mobile carrier have more iPhones? The Custom Graphs can give the answer of this question and give you a lot deeper insight over the statistics.
Export graphs and stats Export graphs and stats
All graphs can be saved as PNG images and all data as CSV. Imagine all the different reports you can create with the export and the Custom Graphs!
QR Code Management and Bulk Export Bulk Management & Export
You can manage your QR codes and Campaigns in bulk! With two clicks you can export multiple QR Codes in any of the supported formats, move them to another campaign or compare their statistics. Youcan also search in your QR codes & Campaigns.
Bulk import and generation Bulk Generation & Import
If you are using QR codes on products you certainly need to generate tens or hundreds of them. We have solution for this – bulk import & generation of QR codes! You just need to provide the system with one CSV file!
QR Code Reader QR Code Reader
If you have an existing low quality raster QR code you can provide it to the QR Code Reader and you can regenerate it in Vector format or style its appearance.
Dynamic QR Codes Dynamic QR Codes
You can update the content of the QR codes at any time as many times you like! Our Smart Application link type QR code allows you to have only one QR code for all the platforms of your App. The customers just scan the code and it will redirect them to the proper Application Store!
Self Hosted QR Code Tracking Self Hosted Tracking
The short URLs sometimes confuse users and don’t provide information about the actual content. With our Self Hosted Tracking service you can track direct URLs. When the customers scan your QR code they see your domain name! Moreover by using the Self Hosted Tracking you do not depend on any third parties – your campaign will not fail even if the tracking system is down as you host the tracking script!
Geolocation QR Code Tracking Geolocation Tracking
Drill down to street level by using the Geolocation tracking! Now you can see where exactly the users scanned the code.
QR Code Tracking API API
All the functionality of the system is also available through an Application Program Interface (API). You can integrate your website or a desktop application with ours and use all these features.
Subusers and Permissions Permissions and Users
If you are a big company or an agency you really need to have multiple users generating QR codes and accessing the data. You can grant the Users Read or Write permission to each Campaign.